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Web 101: What Is a Web Server
Web 101 Web Server

Web 101: What Is a Web Server

In today's digital age, having an online presence is critical for businesses of all sizes. But have you ever wondered, how does your website magically appears whenever someone types in your domain name? Let's highlight one of the main components behind any online system: The Web Server.

Web 101: What Is a Domain Name & DNS
Web 101 Domain Name

Web 101: What Is a Domain Name & DNS

With an estimated 1.13 billion websites on the internet as of 2023, and an even greater number of users accessing them daily, one can be left wondering: How do computers manage to navigate this vast chit-chat complexity? This is where two fundamental elements orchestrate the web browsing experience to be both swift and straightforward: The Domain Names and the DNS servers.

In this article, we will introduce these two building blocks of the digital world and the important role they play, but also on a more practicle note, how can one make good use of this understanding.

Web 101: An Essential Series for Your Business
Web 101

Web 101: An Essential Series for Your Business

Welcome to Web 101, a free series of blog articles aimed at businesses to help them better understand the world of Web.

In this day and age, where a business's digital presence is as important as its physical one, having a basic understanding of how the Web works, undoubtedly opens up so many ne...

The loading speed of a web page is one of the most important aspects. Indeed, the faster a web page is, the more visitors are satisfied. They then have what is called a good user experience. To speed up the loading of a Web page, one must do what we call a web performance optimization.

What is Web Optimization?

First of all, it is necessary to begin by clarifying a point: Many Web professionals often use the words "Web Optimization" to talk about very different things.

Let's take a look at some of these concepts together:

  • Optimizing a website for search engines (also called SEO for search engine optimization)
  • Optimization of page loading speed.

Unfortunately the words “Web Optimization” will sometimes be used in the context of the first definition (SEO), sometimes in the context of the second definition (page speed optimization.) Let's see them in greater details:

Search Egine Optimization corresponds to actions that a web professional will undertake on a website in order to make it more easily accessible by search engines such as Google, and ensure it ranks higher in the results. With this type of work, the aim is rather that the Google robots which classify and rank websites on the search engine are able to do their job better. The target audience for this type of work is therefore robots.

With Page Speed Optimization, we mainly target the visitor experience. We make sure that the website is always accessible as quickly as possible for human beings. At Morébec, we specialize in this type of optimization.

In sum, web optimization is the improvement of the technical side of a website in order to achieve a specific objective such as better SEO, or increased loading speed.

In this article, we'll cover page speed optimization.

How to calculate your web performance

Google assigns ratings to websites to rank them by speed.

This rating out of 100 indicates how fast and user-friendly a site is for its visitors. A rating of 85 and above represents a website performing well. In short, the higher the rating, the faster and better the website is considered by Google.

Why Optimize Website Speed?

One of the inescapable facts of the Web is this: Internet users are impatient. Did you know that:

  • 50% of users will abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

These figures may seem strong, but they are true! Several companies in all sectors lose up to 50% of their web visitors every day due to slowness.

So it is imperative for any business to improve their website speed.

The good thing is that people don't necessarily leave because they don't like your website, more often than not it's just because your website is taking too long to load, making it difficult to use.

Here are some advantages of optimizing a website for speed:

  • A faster website generally leads to visitors (i.e. potentiel customers) that are more satisfied.
  • More visitors
  • Visitors returning more frequently
  • The faster a website is, the more it can stand out from the competition
  • A lighter data footprint for visitors with download limits
  • An increase in income.

To learn more read our article Why do you need a fast website?

Why does my website have such low ratings?

When you test the performance of your website, you may get a low score, i.e. below 85%. In such a case, one of the most common reasons is:

The people who created your website called web designers have thought about its functionality and neat visual appearance to make it attractive to visitors. Unfortunately, few of them know that an additional step is necessary in the creation of a website: performance optimization.

Similarly, some agencies will offer you SEO optimization with the creation of your website. Unfortunately, very few of them have the necessary expertise to improve the loading speed.

This is where Morebec speed optimization experts come in. They go under the hood of your website to ensure good performance and a good page speed score.

How to optimize the performance of your website?

As described above, the very best method is to hire a page speed optimization expert so that they can diagnose the most important problems and offer an action plan to reduce loading times and therefore increase your performance score.

Trust our team of experts.

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