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Web 101: What Is a Web Server
Web 101 Web Server

Web 101: What Is a Web Server

In today's digital age, having an online presence is critical for businesses of all sizes. But have you ever wondered, how does your website magically appears whenever someone types in your domain name? Let's highlight one of the main components behind any online system: The Web Server.

Web 101: What Is a Domain Name & DNS
Web 101 Domain Name

Web 101: What Is a Domain Name & DNS

With an estimated 1.13 billion websites on the internet as of 2023, and an even greater number of users accessing them daily, one can be left wondering: How do computers manage to navigate this vast chit-chat complexity? This is where two fundamental elements orchestrate the web browsing experience to be both swift and straightforward: The Domain Names and the DNS servers.

In this article, we will introduce these two building blocks of the digital world and the important role they play, but also on a more practicle note, how can one make good use of this understanding.

Web 101: An Essential Series for Your Business
Web 101

Web 101: An Essential Series for Your Business

Welcome to Web 101, a free series of blog articles aimed at businesses to help them better understand the world of Web.

In this day and age, where a business's digital presence is as important as its physical one, having a basic understanding of how the Web works, undoubtedly opens up so many ne...

What is Web Optimization
Optimization Web

What is Web Optimization

The loading speed of a web page is one of the most important aspects. Indeed, the faster a web page is, the more visitors are satisfied. They then have what is called a good user experience. To speed up the loading of a Web page, one must do what we call a web performance optimization.

In the dynamic world of business, evolution is not just inevitable — it's essential. At Morebec, we embarked on a journey to refresh our identity and expand our mission. This article takes you through the key changes that breathe new life into Morebec's brand, from a simplified logo to a vibrant color palette, and how these changes reflect our commitment to bringing accessible technology services to both our valued existing clients and potential clients among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

L'évolution du logo de Morébec

Motivation for Rebranding

Modernization meets purpose in our rebranding story.

Our new logo, characterized by its refined simplicity and an associated icon, signifies our presence in the digital realm. The shift from blue to green represents more than a color change — it encapsulates the spirit of growth, renewal, and trust that our clients can place in Morebec.

Icône Morébec

Greenlight your project with Morebec

Beyond aesthetics, the rebranding embodies a clarified mission: to bridge the technology gap for SMEs.

Morebec now stands as a conduit, bringing technological services to businesses that lack in-house expertise. Our goal is to make technology accessible and impactful for enterprises that may have previously struggled to navigate the digital landscape.

Website Redesign and Enhanced User Experience

The heart of our rebranding journey resides in our redesigned website.

This strategic overhaul isn't solely about aesthetics — it's about improving user experience. Our website now houses a portfolio that showcases our past successes and highlights the range of services we offer. The user journey has been meticulously crafted to mirror our new brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience.

Enabling a Tech-Savvy Future

Behind the scenes, our rebranding was an endeavor driven by a commitment to empower entrepreneurs and SME owners.

The planning and inclusion of a resourceful blog, packed with technology insights, further aligns with our mission to make technology more accessible. Simultaneously, our goal is to simplify interactions with Morebec, transforming a perceived technical barrier into a partnership that helps businesses achieve their goals.

Resonating with Our Audience

The rebranding is expected to strike a chord with both our valued existing clients and potential clients.

The clarity in our mission, combined with our fresh identity, is likely to resonate with those seeking technology solutions tailored to their needs. For our existing clients, the rebranding acts as an invitation to explore unmet technological requirements, igniting a renewed engagement with our services.

A New Chapter Unveiled

As Morebec embraces its reimagined brand, the road ahead is brimming with promise.

The vibrant green palette and the renewed tagline, "Bring your ideas to life," embody the essence of growth, partnership, and innovation. Morebec's commitment to accessible technology for SMEs shines through, heralding a new era of technological empowerment.

Final Words

In the ever-evolving domain of business, our rebranding journey showcases adaptability and vision.

Our new logo, the vibrant palette, and the enhanced website design symbolize not just a change in aesthetics, but a change in purpose. As Morebec stands ready to support SMEs on their technological journey, the rebranding journey itself becomes an inspiration — a reminder that growth is a continuous pursuit.

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