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We offer tech services aligning specifically with your budget and needs so that you can enhance your business and push it to the next level.

How we can help

We know that running a small business comes with its own set of challenges. With a compact team, each member often finds themselves wearing multiple hats, balancing a variety of tasks that can stretch your resources thin and impede growth.

This is precisely where strategic technology integration can make a monumental difference. By implementing targeted tech solutions in crucial areas of your business, we empower you to streamline operations, enhance team efficiency, and free up time to focus on what truly matters — scaling your business and maximizing its potential.

Here are our service packages we offer:


Web Development

WebLaunch is our solution for launching your business online. We do more than just create a website for you; We transform it into a tool that actively attracts customers and clients, turning your site from a cost into a revenue generator.

It includes:

  • Website Design and Creation
  • Website Updates and Maintenance
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Automations and Integrations
  • Traffic Generation & Conversion


Apps & Software Integration

Do you feel like you'd need apps or software to improve your daily workflow, but don't know which options would be the best fit for your needs and budget?

We have extensive knowledge of a lot of Apps & Software that can be easily added to Small Businesses to help them achieve more, way faster.

It includes:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation & Training
  • Ongoing Support


Work process automation

It is no secret that small businesses that rely on technology make more revenue and are more successful than those who don't. One impactful way where tech makes a difference is by automating common tasks that need to be completed regularly.

Whether it is sending automated recurring invoices, automated emails when a user purchases one of your products, or to automatically post on social media whenever you publish a new blog article, we can help you decrease your workload.

We can help you:

  • Automate your most time-consuming tasks
  • Produce more output with your limited resources


Internal Tool Development

Do you feel like no app on the market fits your business just right?

In such a situation, you might be in need of a custom app specifically designed for your business, or maybe you just need a little tool that sits on top of the apps you are already using.

With our Internal Tools Development service, we'll help you create custom web applications specifically designed for your business's unique processes, enabling you to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and lay a strong foundation for scalable growth.

It includes:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • UX Design
  • Coding & Implementation
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Online Deployment
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Support & Consulting

On some occasions, what you need is assistance in making the right choices for your unique situation. For such cases, we provide straightforward, concise and jargon-free guidance to help you navigate the tech world, make informed choices, and integrate solutions that improve your operation efficiency.

Our approach is direct and customized to your individual requirements.

We can help you:

  • Select the most suitable tools
  • Streamline your workflows
  • Develop strategic plans for growth

Case Studies

See our case studies of projects we did for Small Businesses like yours:

Electronic Music Record Label Website

Electronic Music Record Label Website

Country: Canada / Industry: Music Industry

Explore how we transformed an electronic music label's digital presence, elevating its brand and engaging a global audience.

Website Creation Website Hosting & Maintenance Explore +
Marketing Workloads Automation System

Marketing Workloads Automation System

Country: USA / Industry: Advertising

Dive into how we engineered a solution that automates and streamlines marketing tasks through Marketo integrations, liberating teams from repetitive work and empowering them to focus on creativity and strategy.

Custom Web App Requirements Analysis Internal system Explore +
Music Producer Website

Music Producer Website

Country: Canada / Industry: Music Industry

Experience how Morebec empowered Rivera Productions to shine online, building credibility and fostering client connections.

Website Creation Website Hosting & Maintenance Explore +
Pest Control Management Website

Pest Control Management Website

Country: Canada / Industry: Pest Control & Management

Discover how our expertise revitalized a pest control company's online presence, fortifying its brand and amplifying its reach to prospective customers.

Website Creation Website Hosting & Maintenance Explore +


Here are some technologies we like to rely on:

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