Progressive Web Apps

The beginning of the future!
We could convert your website into a mobile application and increase your traffic, for a price up to 10x cheaper than that of a classic mobile application.

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What is a progressive web application?

A progressive web app is a new technology powered by Google to offer a superior user experience on mobile devices. Progressive Web apps are based on 3 principles:

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Progressive Web apps must be fast and reliable regardless of network status. Thus, whether the network is fast, slow, or even unavailable, progressive Web applications elegantly adapt to each of these realities to provide a reliable user experience.

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Not only must the apps be reliable, but they must also provide good visual performance to users. No slow interfaces that "jump" or "bug"!

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A progressive Web application must allow users to interact and be re-engaged even when not using the app by means of mobile notifications (push notifications).

What are the advantages

Progressive Web Apps offer great benefits not only to users but to businesses as well.


Based on Web technologies, progressive Web applications can adapt to different types of screens whether on mobile, computer or tablet. It is no longer necessary to develop (and pay) for several versions of your application like on Android and iOS. One app, for all platforms.


Because they are based on Web technologies, progressive Web applications are faster and easier to develop, reducing their design and maintenance costs. It can cost up to 10x less than a typical mobile app.

Say goodbye to the app store

With progressive web applications, no need to go through an app store, they can be installed with a simple click directly from your website!


Do not worry that your app will be uninstalled due to lack of space on the mobile devices of your users. Progressive web apps are light as a feather!

Our Services

Here are our services in terms of progressive Web applications development:

Website conversion

We can convert your existing website into a mobile application, a perfect solution for low-budget ecommerces.

Web Apps development

We can develop a web app tailored to your needs.